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BAIL 2006:
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BAIL 2006
Boundary and Interior Layers
- Computational & Asymptotic Methods -

Call for Papers

Call for Abstracts
You are invited to submit an abstract to the conference organizers. The length of the summary must not exceed two A4 pages (font size: 11pt; text area: 24.5cm x 16cm) including figures and references.

Please send the abstract in Postscript or PDF to until 16 December 2005.

Call for Proceedings
If the abstracts are accepted, the corresponding paper will be included in the conference proceeding. The length of the paper must not exceed 8 A4 pages (font size: 11pt; text area: 24.5cm x 16cm) including figures, tables and references.
A LaTeX style file and a sample paper with an EPS figure for the proceedings are available (the BAIL 2002 style). Also for MS Word a style file for the proceedings is available: bail.doc

You are encouraged to submit the paper in LaTeX or MS Word by email to The deadline is 30 June 2006. If you submit your paper by ordinary mail, please send three hard copies to

BAIL 2006
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