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Mathematische Forschungspublikationen an der Universität Göttingen

Artikel 2008
  • Balabdaoui, F.; Rufibach, K.
    A second Marshall inequality in convex estimation; STAT PROBABIL LETT 78, 118--126
  • Bartholdi, Laurent; Eick, Bettina; Hartung, René
    A nilpotent quotient algorithm for certain infinitely presented groups and its applications; INT J ALGEBR COMPUT 18, 1321--1344
  • Bartholdi, Laurent; Reznykov, Illya I.
    A Mealy machine with polynomial growth of irrational degree; INT J ALGEBR COMPUT 18, 59--82
  • Bartholdi, Laurent; Nekrashevych, Volodymyr V.
    Iterated monodromy groups of quadratic polynomials. I; GROUPS GEOM. DYN. 2, 309--336
  • Bartholdi, L.,; Neuhauser, M., Woess, W.
    Horocyclic products of trees; J EUR MATH SOC 10, 771--816
  • Bartholdi, Laurent
    On amenability of group algebras. I; ISRAEL J MATH 168, 153--165
  • Bissantz, Nicolai; Dümbgen, Lutz, Stratmann, Bernd
    Convergence analysis of generalized iteratively reweighted least squares algorithms on convex function spaces; SIAM J. Optim. 19, 1828--1845
  • Blomer, Valentin; Harcos, Gergely
    Hybrid bounds for twisted L-functions; J REINE ANGEW MATH 621, 53--79
  • Blomer, Valentin
    On the central value of symmetric square L-functions; MATH Z. 260, 755--777
  • Blomer, Valentin; Brüdern, J.
    Prime paucity for sums of two squares; BULL LOND MATH SOC. 40, 457--462
  • Blomer, Valentin
    Sums of Hecke eigenvalues over values of quadratic polynomials; INT MATH RES NOTICES 16, Art. ID rnn059., 29pp
  • Blomer, Valentin
    The average value of divisor sums in arithmetic progressions; Q J MATH 59, 275--286
  • Blomer, Valentin; Harcos, Gergely
    The spectral decomposition of shifted convolution sums; DUKE MATH J 144, 321--339
  • Böhning, Christian
    Gorenstein algebras in codimension 2 and Koszul modules; COMMUN ALGEBRA 36, 2014--2022
  • Bunke, Ulrich; Schick, Thomas
    Real secondary index theory; ALGEBR. GEOM. TOPOL. 8, 1093--1139
  • Bunke, Ulrich, Schick, Thomas; Spitzweck, Markus
    Inertia and delocalized twisted cohomology; HOMOL HOMOTOPY APPL 10, 129--180
  • Dannemann, J.; Holzmann, H.
    Likelihood ratio testing for hidden Markov models under non-standard conditions; SCAND J STAT 35, 309--321
  • Denker, M.; Hattori, K.
    Recurrence of self-repelling and self-attracting walks on the pre-Sierpinski gasket and $Bbb Z$; STOCH DYNAM 8, 155--172
  • Denker, Manfred; Min, Aleksey
    A central limit theorem for measurements on the logarithmic scale and its application to dimension estimates; J MULTIVARIATE ANAL 99, 665--683
  • Denker, Manfred; Kifer, Yuri; Stadlbauer, Manuel
    Thermodynamic formalism for random countable Markov shifts; Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 28, 131--164
  • Derenthal, U.; Joyce, M., Teitler, Z.
    The nef cone volume of generalized del Pezzo surfaces; Algebra & Number Theory 2, 157--182
  • Heinemeyer, E.; Lindner, M.,
    Convergence and numerics of a multisection method for scattering by three-dimensional rough surfaces; SIAM J NUMER ANAL 46, 1780--1798
  • Hohage, T.; Pricop, M.
    Nonlinear Tikhonov regularization in Hilbert scales for inverse boundary value problems with random noise; INVERSE PROBL IMAG 2, 271--290
  • Hohage, Thorsten; Schmidt, Frank; Klose, Roland; Sch{\ae}dle, Achim; Zschiedrich, Lin
    Pole condition: a numerical method for Helmholtz-type scattering problems with inhomogeneous exterior domain; J COMPUT APPL MATH 218, 61--69
  • Holzmann, Hajo; Dannemann, Jörn
    Testing for two states in a hidden Markov model; CAN J STAT 36, 505--520
  • Holzmann, Hajo
    Testing parametric models in the presence of instrumental variables; STAT PROBABIL LETT 78, 629--636
  • Holzmann, Hajo; Vollmer, Sebastian
    A likelihood ratio test for bimodality in two-component mixtures with application to regional income distribution in the EU; ASTA Advances in Statistical Analysis 92, 57--69
  • Holzmann, Hajo; Dannemann, Jörn
    The likelihood ratio test for hidden Markov models in two-sample problems; COMPUT STAT DATA AN 52, 1850--1859
  • Holzmann, Hajo
    Markov partitions for fibre expanding systems; Colloquium Mathematicum 110, 485--492
  • Holzmann, Hajo
    Statistical inference for inverse problems; INVERSE PROBL 24, 034009, 17
  • Holzmann, Hajo; Dannemann, Jörn
    Likelihood ratio testing for hidden Markov models under non-standard conditions; SCAND J STAT 35, 309--321
  • Hotz, Thomas; Huckemann, Stephan; Munk, Axel
    Global Models for the Orientation Field of Fingerprints: An Approach Based on Quadratic Differentials. IEEE Trans. Patt. Anal. Mach. Intell., 30(9) (2008), 1507-1519.
  • Huckemann, Stephan; Munk, Axel; Hotz, Thomas
    Global Models for the Orientation Field of Fingerprints: An Approach Based on Quadratic Differentials. IEEE Trans. Patt. Anal. Mach. Intell., 30(9) (2008), 1507-1519.
  • Ivanyshyn, O.; Johansson, B. T.
    Boundary integral equations for acoustical inverse sound-soft scattering; Journal of inverse and ill-posed problems 16, 65--78
  • Ivanyshyn, O.; Kress, R.
    Inverse scattering for planar cracks via nonlinear integral equations; MATH METHOD APPL SCI 31, 1221--1232
  • Kress, Rainer; Delbary, Fabrice; Erhard, Klaus; Potthast, Roland; Schulz, Jochen
    Inverse electromagnetic scattering in a two-layered medium with an application to mine detection; INVERSE PROBL 24, 015002, 18
  • Kress, Rainer; Eckel, Harry
    Non-linear integral equations for the complete electrode model in inverse impedance tomography; Appl. Anal. 87, 1267--1288
  • Kress, Rainer; Vintonyak, N.
    Iterative methods for planar crack reconstruction in semi-infinite domains; Journal of inverse and ill-posed problems 16, 743--761
  • Lube, Gert; Rapin, G.; Löwe, J.
    Local projection stabilization for incompressible flows: equal-order vs.\ inf-sup stable interpolation; Electron. Trans. Numer. Anal., 106--122
  • Lube, Gert; Knopp, T.; Rapin, G.; Gritzki, R.; Rösler, M.
    Stabilized finite element methods to predict ventilation efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings; INT J NUMER METH FL, 1269--1290
  • Lube, Gert; Apel, Thomas; Knopp, Tobias
    Stabilized finite element methods with anisotropic mesh refinement for the Oseen problem; APPL NUMER MATH, 1830--1843
  • Lube, Gert; Knopp, T.; Gritzki, R.; Rösler, M.; Seifert, J.
    Application of domain decomposition methods to indoor air flow simulation; INT J COMPUT MATH, 1551--1562
  • Mihailescu, Preda
    Fast convolutions meet Montgomery; MATH COMPUT, 1199--1221
  • Munk, A.; Paige, R., Pang, J., Patrangenaru, V., Ruymgaart, F.
    The one- and multi-sample problem for functional data with application to projective shape analysis; J MULTIVARIATE ANAL, 815--833.
  • Munk, Axel
    Exact convergence rate for the maximum of standardized Gaussian increments; Electron. Commun. Probab., 302--310
  • Munk, Axel; Dümbgen, Lutz; Igl, Bernd-Wolfgang
    $p$-values for classification; Electron. J. Stat., 468--493
  • Munk, Axel; Huckemann, Stephan; Hotz, Thomas
    Global Models for the Orientation Field of Fingerprints: An Approach Based on Quadratic Differentials. IEEE Trans. Patt. Anal. Mach. Intell., 30(9) (2008), 1507-1519.
  • Neuhauser, M.; Lehner, F., Woess, W.
    On the spectrum of lamplighter groups and percolation clusters; MATH ANN, 69--89
  • Neuhauser, M.; Feichtinger, H. G., Hazewinkel, M., Kaiblinger, N., Matusiak, E.
    Metaplectic operators on $Bbb Csp n$; Q J MATH, 15-28
  • Pape, Daniel; A short proof of the approximation conjecture for amenable groups. J. Funct. Anal. 255 (2008), no. 5, 1102-1106
  • Patterson, Samuel J. Analytic number theory and statistics; COMP. METHODS FUNCT. THEORY 8, 579-595
  • Pidstrygach, Victor; Bielawski, Roger
    Gelfand-Zeitlin actions and rational maps; MATH Z, 779--803
  • Potthast, R.; Honda, N., Nakamura, G., Sini, M.
    The no-response approach and its relation to non-iterative methods for the inverse scattering; ANN MAT PUR APPL, 7--37
  • Ramacher, Pablo
    Reduced Weyl asymptotics for pseudodifferential operators on bounded domains. I. The finite group case; J FUNCT ANAL, 777--818
  • Schaback, Robert; Hon, Y. C.
    Solvability of partial differential equations by meshless kernel methods; ADV COMPUT MATH 28, 283--299
  • Schaback, Robert
    Limit problems for interpolation by analytic radial basis functions; J COMPUT APPL MATH 212, 127--149
  • Schaback, Robert
    Recovery of functions from weak data using unsymmetric meshless kernel-based methods; APPL NUMER MATH 58, 726--741
  • Schaback, Robert; Ling, Leevan
    Stable and convergent unsymmetric meshless collocation methods; SIAM J NUMER ANAL 46, 1097--1115
  • Schick, Thomas; Blomer, Inga; Linnell, Peter A.
    Galois cohomology of completed link groups; P AM MATH SOC, 3449--3459
  • Schick, Thomas; Hanke, Bernhard
    The strong Novikov conjecture for low degree cohomology; GEOMETRIAE DEDICATA, 119--127
  • Schick, Thomas; Hanke, Bernhard; Roe, John
    Coarse topology, enlargeability, and essentialness; ANN SCI ECOLE NORM S, 471--493
  • Schlather, Martin; Ehlert, Andree
    Capturing the multivariate extremal index: bounds and interconnections; Extremes, 353--377
  • Schwarze, Silvia; Puerto, Justo; Schöbel, Anita
    The path player game: a network game from the point of view of the network providers; MATH METHOD OPER RES, 1--20
  • Bogner, C., Wolf, B., Schlather, M., Huwe, B.
    Analysing flow patterns from dye tracer experiments in a forest soil using extreme value statistics; EUROP. J. SOIL SCI., 59, 103-113
  • Stadlbauer, M.; Denker, M., Kifer, Y.
    Conservativity of random Markov fibred systems; ERGOD THEOR DYN SYST, 67--85
  • Thiel, C.; Stuhler, U., Wiedmann, S.
    About the cover: Alfred Clebsch on crystallography; B AM MATH SOC, 153--156 (electronic)
  • Thom, Andreas
    $L\sp 2$-cohomology for von Neumann algebras; GEOM FUNCT ANAL, 251--270
  • Thom, Andreas; Cortinas, Guillermo
    Comparison between algebraic and topological $K$-theory of locally convex algebras; ADV MATH, 266--307
  • Thom, Andreas
    Sofic groups and Diophantine approximation; Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 1155--1171
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Beauville, Arnaud; Ji, Lizhen; Katzarkov, Ludmil; Liu, Kefeng; Yau, Shing-Tung
    Preface to Bogomolov special issue; PURE APPL MATH Q, i
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Hassett, Brendan
    Approximation at places of bad reduction for rationally connected varieties; PURE APPL MATH Q, 743--766
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Kresch, Andrew
    Effectivity of Brauer-Manin obstructions; ADV MATH, 1--27
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Bogomolov, Fedor
    Reconstruction of function fields; GEOM FUNCT ANAL, 400--462
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Bogomolov, Fedor
    On a theorem of Tate; Cent. Eur. J. Math., 343--350
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Hassett, Brendan
    Log Fano varieties over function fields of curves; INVENT MATH, 7--21
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Hassett, Brendan
    Potential density of rational points for $K3$ surfaces over function fields; AM J MATH, 1263--1278
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Kresch, Andrew
    Two examples of Brauer-Manin obstruction to integral points; B LOND MATH SOC, 995--1001
  • Wahl, C.
    Spectral flow and winding number in von Neumann algebras; J INST MATH JUSSIEU, 589--619

Konferenzberichte 2008
  • Blomer, Valentin
    Ternary quadratic forms, and sums of three squares with restricted variables; CRM Proc. Lecture Notes Amer. Math. Soc. Providence, RI, 1--17
  • Bunke, Ulrich; Olbrich, Martin
    Scattering theory for geometrically finite groups; Adv. Lect. Math. (ALM) Int. Press, Somerville, MA, 40--136
  • Bunke, Ulrich; Schick, Thomas; Spitzweck, Markus; Thom, Andreas
    Duality for topological abelian group stacks and T-duality; EMS Ser. Congr. Rep. Eur. Math. Soc., Zürich, 227--347
  • Elsenhans, Andreas-Stephan; Jahnel, Jörg
    $K3$ surfaces of Picard rank one which are double covers of the projective plane; NATO Sci. Peace Secur. Ser. D Inf. Commun. Secur. IOS Amsterdam, 63--77
  • Elsenhans, Andreas-Stephan; Jahnel, Jörg
    K3 surfaces of Picard rank one and degree two; Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci. Springer Berlin, 212--225
  • Ivanyshyn, O.; Johansson, B. T.
    Reconstruction of acoustically sound-hard obstacles from the far field using a boundary integral equation method; World Sci. Publ., Hackensack, NJ, 47--56
  • Lube, G.; Rapin, G; Loewe, J.
    Local projection stabilization of finite elements for incompressible flows, In: K. Kunisch, G. Of, O. Steinbach (eds.), Numer. Math. and Adv. Applic., Proceed. ENUMATH 2007, Springer Heidelberg (2008), 481-488.
  • Rapin, G.; Lube, G; Loewe, J.
    Applying local projection stabilization to inf-sup stable finite elements, In: K. Kunisch, G. Of, O. Steinbach (eds.), Numer. Math. and Adv. Applic., Proceed. ENUMATH 2007, Springer Heidelberg (2008), 521-528.
  • Knopp,T; Zhang, X; Lube, G.
    Calibration of model and discretization parameters for turbulent channel flow. In: K. Kunisch, G. Of, O. Steinbach (eds.), Numer. Math. and Adv. Applic., Proceed. ENUMATH 2007, Springer Heidelberg (2008), 529-537.
  • Meyer, Ralf
    Categorical aspects of bivariant $K$-theory; EMS Ser. Congr. Rep. Eur. Math. Soc., Zürich, 1--39
  • Meyer, Ralf; Emerson, Heath
    Coarse and equivariant co-assembly maps; EMS Ser. Congr. Rep. Eur. Math. Soc., Zürich, 71--89
  • Mihailescu, Preda
    Class number conditions for the diagonal case of the equation of Nagell and Ljunggren; Dev. Math. Springer Wien, NewYork, Vienna, 245--273
  • Mihailescu, Preda; Mieloch, Krzysztof
    Fingerprint classification using entropy sensitive tracing; Math. Ind. Springer Berlin, 928--932
  • Schaback, Robert:
    An adaptive numerical solution of MFS systems, in: The Method of Fundamental Solutions - A Meshless Method, eds. C.S. Chen, A. Karageorghis, Y.S. Smyrlis, Dynamic Publishers, 2008, 1-27.
  • Cicerone,S., Di Stefano, G., Schachtebeck, M. and Schöbel, Anita:
    Dynamic Algorithms for Recoverable Robustness Problems, Dagstuhl online publication server 06002, 2008
  • Schachtebeck, M. and Schöbel, A.:
    IP-based techniques for delay management with priority decisions, Dagstuhl online publication server 06002, 2008
  • Thom, Andreas
    L2-invariants and rank metric. $C^\ast$-algebras and elliptic theory II, Trends Math. Birkhäuser Basel, 267-280
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Gan, Wee Teck; Kudla, Stephen S.
    Eisenstein series and applications; Progress in Mathematics Birkhäuser Boston Inc. Boston, MA, x+314
  • Tschinkel, Yuri; Kaledin, Dmitry
    Higher-dimensional geometry over finite fields; NATO Science for Peace and Security Series D: Information and Communication Security IOS Press Amsterdam, viii+345