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Bild Herglotz

From 1925 on, Gustav Herglotz (1881-1953) was a professor in Göttingen.

PhD program

PhD examination to receive the doctoral degree "Dr.rer.nat."

The PhD examination in mathematics consists of a written exam (dissertation) and an oral exam (disputation). It is carried out referring to the GAUSS PhD regulations of 2018.

When you finished your doctoral dissertation in mathematics, please apply for the PhD examination at the dean's office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. You bring with you the following documents, cf. §9 of the PhD regulations of 2018:

  1. at least three copies of the scientific thesis (dissertation) in a written form, one copy in a digital form in the format of a word processing programme generally deemed standard or as an unprotected (editable) PDF document and any published manuscripts by the applicant connected to the dissertation. The doctoral candidate must bindingly confirm that the contents of the digital version are identical with the written version;
  2. specification of the academic title to be awarded in accordance with §2;
  3. a curriculum vitae, which is written in German or English and also includes information on the scientific progress of the doctoral candidate;
  4. the filled and signed performance records in accordance with the requirements on the relevant programme,
  5. designation of the reviewers proposed by the doctoral candidate and the other members of the examination board as defined in §11 section 1 to 3 and a proposed date for the oral examination as discussed with said persons. The examination committee shall decide upon the date for the oral examination in the event that proposing a date is not possible
  6. the proof of proper enrolment.

Date and place of the disputation will be announced on the date server. After having successfully passed the doctoral examination, your graduation will be announced in public in context of the promulgation of the mathematical-scientific doctoral graduations taking place twice a semester in the auditorium of the university.