Mathematics at the university of Göttingen
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Bild Hilbert

David Hilbert 1900. The famous 23 "Jahrhundertprobleme" (problems of the century) which he established 1900 are not all solved to this day.


Mathematical research priorities at the university of Göttingen

The mathematical research in Göttingen has a great tradition. Many basic mathematical theorems and objects are named after mathematicians who acted in Göttingen, for example Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, Riemann's integral and Noetherian's ring.

Nowadays as well, the mathematical research in Göttingen has a big value. There are two foundation-oriented research priorities (SP 1,2), two application-oriented research priorities (SP 3,4) and a research group in didactics:

SP 1: Modern geometry
Area of research Team
Mathematical physics and non-commutative geometry Dorothea Bahns
Non-commutative geometry Ralf Meyer
Gauge theory Viktor Pidstrygach
Topology and geometry, geometry and analysis, K-theory of group C*-algebras Thomas Schick
Lie theory Henrik Seppänen
Analysis of partial differential equations Ingo Witt
Differential geometry Chenchang Zhu
SP 2: Number theory
Area of research Team
Analytical number theory, automorphic forms, L-series, quadratic forms Valentin Blomer
Analytical number theory Jörg Brüdern
Geometric group theory Laurent Bartholdi
Analytic number theory, group theory, additive combinatorics, Diophantine geometry, probabilistic number theory Harald Andrés Helfgott (MI)
Algebraic and algorithmic number theory, pattern recognition Preda Mihailescu
Analytical number theory Samuel J. Patterson
Arithmetical geometry, Drinfeld modules Ulrich Stuhler
Arithmetical geometry Evelina Viada
SP 3: Numerical and applied mathematics
Area of research Team
Inverse problems, resonances Thorsten Hohage
Integral equations and inverse problems Rainer Kreß
Numerical methods for PDEs (Finite Elements) Christoph Lehrenfeld
Numerical methods for partial differential equations Gert Lube
Optimization and inverse problems Russell Luke
Mathematical signal and image processing Gerlind Plonka-Hoch
Scientific computing, approximation, meshless methods Robert Schaback
Discrete differential geometry Max Wardetzky
SP 4: Mathematical stochastic
Area of research Team
Statistical methods Tatyana Krivobokova
Statistics on Non-Euclidean Spaces Stephan Huckemann
Mathematical statistics Axel Munk
Mathematical statistics Daniel Rudolf
Stochastics and its applications Dominic Schuhmacher
Applied Stochastics Anja Sturm
Mathematics Education
Area of research Team
Mathematics Education Stefan Halverscheid

This and other research happens in the context of coordinated programs, cf. the link to cooperations.